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12 Days of Beauty

Sangria Blush - Refill

Blushes / Cheek Color

Blushes and highlighters or luminizers are used to create a natural glow and should look subtle. However, there are many ways to apply blush so that you not only add dimension to your complexion, but also highlight or soften certain facial features.
4-Hole Eye Shadow Compact

Brushes / Tools

We are excited to have found a line of makeup brushes that are soft and durable as well as effective when it comes to applying makeup. These synthetic brushes are made of a high tech synthetic fiber that provides the ultimate softness. They wash well without shedding.

Synthetic brushes have come a long way, and are very popular - especially for those with sensitive skin, skin allergies, or for vegans.

All things "natural" are not ALWAYS a good thing. We do not believe that using animal hair for makeup brushes is the way to go.

We are proud to be using cruelty-free vegan makeup brushes in the Plain Jane Beauty cosmetic line.

4-Hole Eye Shadow Compact

Compacts (Refill)

Color Correctors

Concealers / Correctors

Creme Minerals

Let Nature Be Your Foundation with Crème Minerals 85% organic mineral liquid foundation from Plain Jane Beauty®.

If you dream about a creamy coverage that looks and feels like it is barely-there, if you fantasize about makeup that uses only the purest and safest ingredients, then Crème Minerals® is your dream come true!

Formulated with 85% certified organic ingredients and other beneficial ingredients to actually enhance the health of your skin. It will not suffocate your skin like other liquid foundations can because we don't use mineral oil or silicone-based additives (ingredients ending with -cone, -conol, or -xane).

Large Open Compact

Day 1

12 Days of Beauty extravaganza!

Free large compact with the purchase of 2 eye shadow compacts.

Add (2) 4-hole eye shadow compacts plus 1 Large compact to your cart and discount will be shown at check out!

*Offer cannot be combined with other discounts or applied to past purchases.
Day 1 of 12 Days of Beauty expires 12/9/18 at 11:59pm PST tonight. 

Just Mascara

Day 2

On the Second Day of Beauty we want you to have the best product to remove your make-up...and while we’re at it introduce you to our new little friend..
Vibranium Gold...luminizer!

FREE Micellar Makeup remover with purchase of Just Mascara and Vibranium Gold Luminizer.

Add all 3 to your cart and discount will be shown at check out!


*Offer cannot be combined with other discounts or applied to past purchases.
Day 2 of 12 Days of Beauty expires 12/10/18 at 11:59pm PST tonight. 

Divine Lip Shines

Divine Lip Shines

The Divine Lip Shine collection of glosses provide the lips with nutrient-rich shine and moisture without all the chemicals typically found in commercial lip glosses.
Divine Lip Shine is for anyone who wants to hydrate their lips and add gorgeous sheer color with a glossy shine.

Our all natural lip glosses are made using ingredients found in nature.

Eye Shadows

Eye Shadows

Apricot Eye Shadow Refill

Eye Shadows - Matte

Snow Cap Eye Shadow Refill

Eye Shadows - Shimmer

Coconut Water Setting Mist

Featured Products





Vibranium Gold - Luminizer Stick

Highlighters + Luminizers

Lash Brilliance® 7ml


Divine Lip Shine - Copper Sunset


Vibranium Gold - Luminizer Stick

Luminizer Sticks

Our Vibranium luminizer collection is here! We will be adding more shades in the coming months.
Micellar Water Eye Makeup Remover

Makeup Remover



Time to Prime is a silicone-free all-natural makeup primer that creates a velvety layer on the skin that provides both softening protection and a makeup-gripping base.

Just like a painter needs to prime their canvas before applying paint, a primer before applying makeup is essential to create a smooth and perfect surface on your skin for makeup. Primers help to diffuse fine lines, wrinkles or large pores.

The only makeup primer on the market that contributes to the appearance and health of skin.
Sample Bundle Set Warm 2

Quiz Results

Creme Minerals® sample sets


Not quite sure which foundation will match you? Or how the texture or consistency will be? Or maybe you want to try an new eye shadow color? Here is your opportunity to purchase samples.