The Founder

The woman behind the brand, Lake Louise, earned her Master's from Stanford University in Education. In addition, she is a certified makeup artist from the Gwynnis Mosby Academy of Makeup Artistry in Atlanta, GA.

After years in the planning stages, and we mean YEARS! Lake Louise was thrilled to introduce Plain Jane Beauty in 2011, our color cosmetics line that uses safe, natural & organic ingredients. She has been passionate about creating a makeup line that included a natural and organic cream foundation that would encompass all shades and skin tones - from ivory to ebony. 

Although there currently exist foundations for most shades, they are not always the healthiest for the skin. Many of the ingredients can clog our pores, creating other skin problems that will only require that we pile on even more makeup to cover up breakouts caused by unhealthy ingredients. You will not find bismuth, talc, parabens, silicone-based (ingredients ending in -one,). 

When it comes to beauty we want to help you put your best "face" forward. We believe that you should feel good about what you put on your skin. How it is made and that the ingredients used are safe and natural.
Lake supports the professional development of future makeup artists, cosmetologists and estheticians by providing leadership and hands-on guidance at tradeshows and special events where one can gain valuable insights and practice in improving the profession of skin care and makeup artistry.

Our goal in formulating each and every product is not to just be another cosmetic brand, but a safe and skin-healthy alternative. A cosmetics line that promotes sustainability, fosters good skin and is respectful of and responsible to the environment around it.

For this reason we place high importance on the ingredients that we use in our formulations. We don't require that you go on an endless search trying to find the ingredients list for our products. We don't only list the "Key" ingredients. We won't require you to download a pdf document in order to read our list of ingredients. We list the ingredients conveniently for you on each product page.

This way you can make your decision based on what works best for your skin and lifestyle. As an EcoPreneur, Lake applies the principles of sustainability, a passion for whole body wellness, and vast ingredient knowledge in all aspects of her business operations. Product Developer and CEO (Chief Eco-beauty Officer), Lake Louise, has always chosen a natural approach when it comes to health and beauty.

Just like with her skin care brand, Lotus Moon, she wanted to keep her cosmetic line simple, effective and good for the skin.

Since 2002 Lake Louise has been the Chief Eco-Beauty Officer (CEO) of Skin, Mind, Body Essentials, a beauty and wellness products company whose other brands include: Lotus Moon®, DetoxRx®, and SON®.



As a green business leader, her philosophy is based on the belief that successfully operating a business that supports a green economy must be sustainable. This means maintaining a focus that embraces and adapts to the dynamic changes both in the natural world and the global marketplace.

The success of her brands is due in large part to her commitment to developing natural and safe cosmetics while educating customers about the value of using natural ingredients. 

Click here to read more about Lake Louise in her interview EcoBeauty: Not Just Skin Deep with Green America - Conversations with Today's Green Business Leaders, May 2010 (YES, it was a long time ago. That's how long we have been around).