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Ethically Sourced Mica

Today’s conscious and well-informed beauties call for clean, simple, and cruelty-free beauty products in their quest for natural and safe ingredients that are the right choice for a healthy lifestyle.

With the growing awareness and familiarity of ingredients, many also question the sourcing practices behind their beauty products. Clean beauty has elevated our awareness of sustainability, ingredient transparency, and sourcing stories.

At Plain Jane Beauty, we source our mica from BASF, located in Hartwell, Georgia, USA. Their natural mica is backed by three core principles: ethical working practices, a traceable supply chain, and environmentally conscious mining.

ethically sourced mica

From mine to face, the journey of their natural mica is transparent throughout the entire supply chain. An ingredient’s function and traceability are among the most important factors for those who are mindful of the impact their product purchases have on the environment.

Being good to the earth is just as important as being good to one’s own health and sustainability has become an important cause for many who make conscious choices for their cosmetics.

Created from 100% traceable, ethical and sustainably sourced natural mica from Hartwell, GA, USA, we can create cosmetics empowered by nature that turns into a movement that stands for eco-conscious processes, ethical sourcing, and radical transparency.

Natural, clean beauty isn’t limited to nude shades and quiet colors. Natural, clean beauty can also include bright, vibrant colors and shimmery effects sourced ethically, safely, and sustainably from nature. 

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